4 Amazing Gadgets That Will Obliterate the iPad

If there is one thing that is clear, it is that the iPad has the hype. But it is also clear that it is not as great as we all imagined, and, even then, some think it isn’t particularly great at all. I have my reservations about the iPad too.

However, instead of just listing reasons why we like or dislike the iPad, I wanted to offer people a look at some amazing devices that will make the iPad irrelevant — sure, the iPad will always be relevant because it is an Apple product (and Apple has devout fans).

But the following gadgets will blow the iPad away in more ways than one. They are remarkable.



Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G is coming very soon to a 4G network near you, and it is going to be big. This little device has already been praised as being a game changer for mobile devices, and it isn’t even out yet. But we believe it.

Why anyone would want to restrict themselves with a chunky piece of metal with a touch screen when you can purchase a smaller gadget that has more usability and mobility is beyond us (oh yeah, again, it’s an Apple product), but once HTC’s latest Android phone is released, it will make all those folks that had waited in line for the iPad wish they had waited just another month for something that is truly amazing: the HTC EVO 4G.


Lenovo Ideapad Hybrid U1

Lenovo has been working on a wonderful device called the Ideapad Hybrid U1, and it is really looking fantastic. It is a laptop and a slate — truly the best of both worlds.

While you might be left to believe that it would be impossible to create a great experience that could translate from laptop to slate and back to laptop, it is fairly evident that Lenovo put a lot of thought and execution into this device.

Users are essentially getting two computers in one: the laptop is, itself, a full-on powerhouse, but it is when you pull off the screen that you are greeted with an amazingly slim tablet — it features an Qualcomm SnapDragon processor and over 10 hours of battery life too.

This is the perfect compromise between slate and laptop, and it is an investment that makes much more sense than an iPad.


Microsoft Courier

Microsoft is making an amazing gadget? Really? Yes! We are not joking either. The Microsoft Courier is being created to appeal to a specific niche of tablet user: creatives and students, and that is a tough but profitable niche to fill.

You see, the problem with the iPad is that it has been dubbed the device for media consumption, not creation. But when, particularly in this day of age, are we not creating content? We are always creating content! An d that is where Microsoft’s Courier comes into play.

The main appeal of the Courier is that it aims to empower students and creative professionals to get their ideas out of their head and onto this tablet, and that is becoming far more important these days. Many people who create content are usually carrying around a paper notebook, journal, or virtual notebook software on their phone to manage their ideas, and this single device could replace all of that.

And that is only the beginning of what this device is truly capable of. It might just end up being an amazing e-book reader as well.

So there is plenty of potential for this device, and it is shaping up to be a truly remarkable effort.


Apple iPhone

I know I already knocked on the iPad for being a chunky piece of metal, and, well, I’m going to do it again, but this time I am going to appeal to all the Apple fans by pointing towards that little gadget called the iPhone. Yeah, that thing that started the mobile revolution.

For those of you who don’t own an iPad or an iPhone, the iPhone is the better value. Users will use it more often and can take it with them anywhere they need to be, and it won’t require $100 clothing to get it there.

I can hear the complaints already: “But AT&T coverage sucks where I live!” However, that might no longer be an issue, if Verizon and Apple manage to strike a deal.

Oh, and the iPhone also has a camera (unlike the iPad)

Don’t forget the fact that the iPhone OS 4 and iPhone 4G are coming soon.

So why would you want to have an iPad when you could have an iPhone (or, at the very least, an iPod Touch)?


Let's Forget About the iPad Already

So we can forget about this silly iPad hype that is going around and focus on products that are actually innovative and unique — the iPad isn’t it, but the aforementioned products are truly unique, exciting, and amazing. And they be the ones getting all the media attention.

Written by James Mowery

James Mowery is a passionate technology journalist and entrepreneur who has written for various top-tier publications like Mashable and CMSWire. Follow him on Twitter: @JMowery.

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  • Tthe Microsoft Courier looks amazing, seeing that it uses the pen tool, which is totally useful (in meetings, presentations, etc.). Love the sneak peak.

  • jake

    I know hindsight is 20/20, but you really struck out on this one. Courier is dead in the water Lenovo will probably be lucky to sell 1,000 ideapads. The 4G is a pretty nice phone, but its terrible battery and questionable build quality hold it back IMO. And the iPad continues to sell at a ridiculous rate.

  • HI, 

    HTC EVO 4G is really superb guys……….

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