Helps Fans Connect With Craft Beer They Love

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Ever found a beer that you really like but not too sure on where to get it? is a new website that was created to help beer fans ask different breweries “where can I get your beer?”

The website uses Web 2.0 and maps which restaurants, bars and beer stores carry a specific beer so that fans can easily find where to purchase their beer.

“ aims to make history by being the first company to use Web 2.0 tools to begin to show where any of the more than 10,000 craft beer brands in the U.S. can be found, purchased, and drank,” said Jonathon Lunardi, CEO and co-founder in a press release. “Here’s to craft beer, and the beginning of an easier way to find it!”

The first breweries to allow all of their distribution data on the site are Lazy Magnolia Brewing, Choc Beer and Heave Seas Beer. also allows bars and beer stores to list what types of beer they have and for costumers to post where they have seen certain beers. The website now has close to 5,000 beer records in its systems and plans to post millions more to achieve a complete map of where every beer brand is sold.

“We also offer a place for beer drinkers to post their favorite beer memories, join brewery fan clubs to receive news, read the latest Twitter chatter for a particular brewery, and get notifications when a brewery has new distribution,” said Lunardi.

Source: BreweryFans

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