Man With Way Too Much Time On His Hands Builds Ultimate SimCity

You can get famous for ANYTHING on YouTube. Anything.

It’s safe to say that Maxis’ Sim City franchise is one of the most legendary in videogame history. Now, YouTube’s TheImperar has decided to forge his own legend within it.

After crunching just shy of four years of meticulous calculations and planning, TheImperar has achieved what he believes to be the most mathematically perfect city possible in Sim City 3000.

Seriously, the level of detail this man has gone into makes you wonder why he isn’t out there solving, like, world hunger, or overpopulation, or something. Come on, dude, share your gift.

Bottom line, I will say this: if I was a hot girl, I’d be totally impressed.

YouTube Preview Image

[Via UberGizmo]

Written by Ty Dunitz

Ty is an illustrator who stays up too late, and has to wear glasses. You can follow him on Twitter if you want to (@glitchritual), but he's just gonna throw your stupid PR crap in the garbage, so don't email him.

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  • Yas V

    I would not only happily vote him for mayor of London but the new president of the world : )

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