Office 2010 Stumbles Towards The Finish Line

Lovers of barely functional, bloated and outdated software rejoice: Microsoft Office 2010 has been released to manufacturing and could be available as early as May 1st!

The neolithic software title lumbers onwards, regardless of technological advancement and shifts towards cloud computing.

So what does Microsoft have in store for users so behind the curve that Office is still a great choice? Well, they continue to dazzle us with ‘The Ribbon”, their confusing and bloated UI trainwreck. The Ribbon becomes more controllable in 2010, which should add to the amount of time and effort required to configure before using.

Another time saver is automated screenshot capture, for those who don’t know where the ‘print screen’ button is. Powerpoint gets slightly better graphics and video import functionality.

Otherwise, this yawn-worthy release is really only for large organizations that won’t consider investing in a move towards cheaper, more modern solutions.

Written by Toby Leftly

Toby is a Mac nerd, a hardware nerd and a web nerd, rolled into one. You can find him at or on Twitter.

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  • tom

    Why must you write this article with such an anti-microsoft slur? you hardly said anything about office 2010’s features, compatibility, etc. instead you just insulted anyone who would think of using office. isn’t the job of this site and its writers to critique new products and give their benefits and disadvantages?

  • Toby Leftly

    The article is intended to be tongue in cheek first and foremost. The intention is to highlight the lack of innovation at Microsoft and to draw attention to the fact that in many ways, it’s easier for everyone if the status quo of upgrading MS Office every couple of years remains, at least in larger companies and organizations where the cost of infrastructure changes are higher than just paying for more of the same. My comments about the Ribbon stand though – I’ve never met an average user that found it an improvement.

  • I agree to TOM, this is the laziest & dumbest ever article I’ve read on a blog, considering it is for a software that has no REAL replacement in this universe as of now… Sure there are good alternatives, but thats it.. they can only be called alternatives & not a replacement.

    the best thing being Office 2010 turning native x64 is going to be a boon for people depending heavily on Outlook, which will now be able to use more RAM & hardware resources..

  • AceTaikula

    I followed a link to this article because I’ve been looking forward to this release. I was eager to read more about it. Instead, I had my time wasted.

    Office is a stable suite of programs and millions of people like me make our daily bread of things like Power Point presentations. It just comes with having a profession. I’ve tried the OpenOffice software. I like the word processor and love the price but can’t get the presentations program to do much. Now that the whole lot has gone to Oracle I’m not sure what we expect in the future. (Oracle is not known for its commitment to the open-source approach.) I’m getting acquainted with Google Docs but still haven’t found anything that touches Power Point for elegance and ease of use.

    It’s fun to cover cutting-edge gizmos, I know, but it’s also nice to see a technological capability mature. Microsoft has this office productivity thing down. Refinement is something to appreciate just as innovation is.

    I’m close to bailing on this blog. A friend recommended it, but I’m still waiting to read anything here that looks like a real review. I’m getting tired of waiting.

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