Revolutionary Watch Designs That Blow Traditional Timepieces Away

Watches have come a long way since they were first invented. Before all they could do was tell you the time but now they can pretty much do anything that you can think of. They are also not just a device that gives the time but also a fashion accessory. Here are a few watch designs of the future that do much more than just give the time.

Tread 1 : Bulletproof Watch

Devon Works designed the Tread 1:Bulletproof watch. The numbers move accurately across the belt while giving the watch a new take on an ordinary task of checking the time. The watch has a built-in battery that can be recharged wirelessly, and the treadmill timepiece is “built around an array of four microstep motors, each driving one of an interwoven quartet of time belts”. The Tread 1: Bulletproof watch is available for $15,000.

eCO2: Athletic Wristwatch

Created by James Kershaw and Chad Garn, the eCO2 watch is a groundbreaking air-purifier that collects CO2 from the air and gives off clean air so that you can breathe in fresh air all the time without putting stress on your respiratory organs. The watch runs on kinetic energy. The athletic watch makes use of CO2 scrubber technology, which allows users to lower carbon footprints and do their part in helping out the environment. The eCO2 watch not only purifies the air but is also a fashionable accessory.

Dawn OLED Wristwatch

Swiss designer Matthias Pugin has created the Dawn watch, which has an OLED display to display the time with pictograms of the moon and sun that revolves around the wrist. It might take you some time on how to read the exact time by just looking at where the sun and moon are but don’t worry the watch also displays the time the ordinary way.

Source: TheDesignBlog

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