Firefox Comes to the iPhone

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Mozilla is attempting to make inputting URLs on your iPhone a thing of the past with its new application, Firefox Home. The app was confirmed this morning on Mozilla’s Official blog.

The group has confirmed that they have been working on an application for the iPhone, basing it on the Firefox Sync (formerly Weave Sync) technology. Firefox Home will give most iPhone users instant access to their Firefox history, bookmarks, and the tabs from their most recent browser session. Also, it will provide users with Firefox’s “Awesome Bar” capability, which will allow users to input their favorite websites with minimal typing.

“For devices or platforms where we’re unable to provide the ‘full’ Firefox browser (either technically or due to policy), we aim to provide users with “on the go” instant access to their personal Firefox history, bookmarks and open tabs on their iPhones, giving them another reason to keep loving Firefox on their desktops,” said Mozilla’s blog.

The Firefox Home will provide a nice “get up and go” experience for those who are perpetually busy. Rushing home from work just to remember you left your internet based work there? Home can help you with that by accessing the list of tabs you just had open on your desktop via the sync.

No word on when the app will be released, but it will be free; just one more reason to add to the list of why we love Firefox.

Source: MozillaBlog, 9to5Mac

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  • Well the price is fair, I’m a Chrome man myself 🙂

  • Hi Ransel,

    sounds good that there will also be a firefox-browser (light version) on the iPhone .. most important for me is .. will this browser be running the full Flash Player? If so, I finally can see some great Flash-animation on my iPhone?

    Thanks for sharing, Cheers & Ciao …

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