iPad Logic: Why You Need The Dropbox App

If you’re one of those new million iPad owners then you need to know about Dropbox for iPad.

This free app is the missing link if you want to use your iPad for some light business. It works with the online Dropbox service, which offers you 2.2GB of free online storage. That storage syncs with your Mac or PC’s Home directory – where all your data sits – so you get access to all your most important files from wherever you happen to be.

We like Dropbox’ intelligent use of landscape mode when exploring your collection of files. We also like how easily the app lets you email files to others, or export supported files to other apps. Oh, better still while your credit card nurses your latest Apple gadget tax, the Dropbox for iPad app is free.

Image Via: 9to5Mac

Written by Jon Edwards

Jon Edwards enjoys The Mighty Boosh, Can, John Lydon and Roller Derby.

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  • Last night, sitting in a bar, my friend and I were talking about an academic article I thought he might find interesting. Then I remembered that I had it in Dropbox – so out came the iPhone and I was able to show it to him right there. I’ve also sometimes forgotten to put an album on the phone – but am then able to stream it from the bus because I had put it in Dropbox. It really is an amazing app. And that iPad interface… *drool*

  • I just found out about Dropbox add and installed it on my iPod Touch… thanks!

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