Jailbreaking a Requirement For Experiencing WiFi On Your iPhone or iPad

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It looks like users will have to be willing to jailbreak their iPhones in order to experience the benefits of the WiFi Application. This really has come at no surprise, as it approaches boundaries that Apple is unwilling to cross.

Many apps are rejected everyday but this one really deserves some special mention. The application would work in tandem with a helper app on your Mac and enable iTunes so that your iPhone or iPad could sync wirelessly over the local network.

Apple representatives told the creator, while the app does not break any actually rules in  Apple’s Terms and Service agreement for creating apps, it does “encroach upon the boundaries of what they can  and can not allow on their store.”

Messing with Apple’s sync technology has always been a pretty big “don’t touch area” but this is one app that really helped the iPhone/iPad as it is technology that should have shipped with the platforms in the first place.

Maybe Apple is just jealous that they hadn’t thought of it first, or that the technology as done by Apple is in development? Either way, if you want it now you are going to have to jailbreak your product.

The app is available now on Cydia for an easy price of $9.99.

Source: Wired, engadget

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  • Peter

    You need to jailbreak your iphone to experience a wifi *SYNC*. How such an important word got left out of the headline is beyond recourse

    • I totally agree. Why the heck would you leave that word off? Oh yeah to get me to RTFA….

  • This is really great, I hope it becomes native some day!

  • If this is technically feasible, let’s hope that Apple implement it at some point.

  • @moldor

    Oh, crApple ain’t gonna be happy about this.

    I can’t see WHY they left this functionality out of the OS, along with a fully functional Bluetooth stack.

    Now, if he can make it CHARGE wirelessly, that will really piss Apple off…:-)

  • It is so annoying to have to plug in and sync my iPhone just to get an file from the computer to the phone!! Because I don’t connect often, it is always a 10-15 minute process. And Apple, really I just want to get that one file on there.. and no, I don’t want to use iTunes either!

    AirVideo is a really cool app that allows you to live convert (eg. divx) and stream video from the computer to the iPhone over wifi.. unfortunately it doesn’t support audio only files.

    I am going to try experimenting with Dropbox to place mp3’s in the box and grab the on the iPhone. From the documentation it sounds like it will work, fingers crossed.

    If all else fails I am to point of jail breaking this damn thing and being done with it… Apple I am trying really hard to be good.. can’t you see how your shooting yourself in the foot again? I like my iPhone 3GS and all, but because of all these restrictions I’m pretty sure my next phone is going to be an ‘open’ and iTunes-less Android one!

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