Taking a Leisurely Swim With Your iPad? There's a Cover For That.

Waterwear is a plastic bag that you can put your iPad into allowing for heavy iPad use on the beach, in the kitchen, by the pool and even in the shower or bubble bath.

Why is it cool? It allows for full iPad functionality in all elements and comes with a handy strap for those who can’t unhook from technology long enough to take a shower.

I can see using this at the beach reading it but I can’t imagine walking in on someone sitting under the showerhead with their iPad in hand. I wonder if this new iPad condom will ship with a voucher for group therapy sessions for those who cannot put their device down.

Enough ranting, you can pick up your Waterwear iPad Cover for 3,480 yen ($38) here.

Source: Dvice, TuneWear

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  • I don’t think I have the balls to trust a case like that with a $500 device. One small leak and the iPad is screwed. Apple products do not handle water very well.

  • Wouldn’t be very useful in the shower indeed, but it does looks kind of promising for in bath.

  • That’s pretty neat. As Taylor said, I’d be a bit worried about leaks, but the idea of it is cool. If it still allows sound to come through well enough, it could be a neat way to bring your iPod music into the shower with you — something that I’d enjoy a lot.

  • Johan Möller

    Is this just another apple fanatic gadget site?

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