The Second Generation of Apple TV Revealed

A confirmed tip from a source very close to Apple points towards a new version of Apple TV on the horizon.

According to sources, this project will tie in much more closely with Apple’s mobile offerings. The new build of the TV solution will be based directly off of the iPhone 4 (no word on apps and the App Store making an appearance as of yet), meaning it will have the exact same internal components including the A4 CPU and limited amount of flash storage (16GB) and will be capable of 1080 HD.

The device has been said to be very small (maybe the same size as the iPhone?) with very few ports (only a power socket and video out). The best of the source’s news though is the price point; $99.

If that 16GB of flash storage seemed small to you as well, never fear. Apple has more plans for your memory space. Apple seems to be moving away from local storage and into the market of cloud-based storage as this version will be mostly a streaming device, though there will be the option to use a Time Capsule device as external storage.

Apple is not expected to reveal this technology at the upcoming WWDC as that event will be mainly focused on the new iPhone, but don’t be surprised if we see this tech soon.

It is also rumored to be available for $99, although that will obviously not be confirmed until its official release.

Source: engadget

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