USB Post-Its for When Leaving Your Computer for Paper is Too Much

Perfect for people in business or the absent-minded blogger, these USB post-its are a godsend. The design is so simple; I am not sure how anyone could not have thought of it before.

We have all had those moments while sitting at our computers when we have needed to make a few quick notes, and with no paper in sight had to running looking around the house or office for some scrap. But with these babies on the market now, our prayers are answered.

It is a USB memory stick with a notepad attached to the back of it, and to keep the paper ready for scribbles and protecting it from wrinkles – there is a plastic slider lid. The design of Digilog is so awesome, it even comes with a pen.

Now, I am being a little sarcastic in my plugging of the Digilog as I feel that running off in search of paper is a great way to take a break on company time… but that is just me. Nevertheless, for those workaholics too busy to step away from the computer its out there; or you could always make your own with some tape, a notepad and a USB stick… just sayin’.

Source: BitRebels

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