iPhone 4 Launches with Some Big Boo-Boos

So I heard there was, like, some kinda phone or something being released today. Bunch of people are in line, I heard.

I won’t pretend not to be excited about the iPhone 4, even though my current phone contract and general lack of income will disallow my having one for the next several eons. Though if initial reports are any indication, maybe I don’t want one for awhile.

While most first shipments are not without their flaws, the iPhone 4 seems to be sporting some pretty ugly ones, and not even counting the apparently easily-cracked screen (what the tits do you think will happen if you go around intentionally dropping your phone, guys). No, these problems are far less attractive.

The first is an apparent discolouration of the screen, reported on a countless number of early shipments. Y’know how in college you had big, nice stereo speakers next to your CRT television, and the picture got all distorted and yellow? This is like that, only with more Apple and less magnets. Not the worst problem in the world, but still worth driving back to the Apple Store over. One user is taking it in stride: “I’ll sit tight with the pee stain on my screen until the crazies all get their phones,” he writes, adding some optimism. “Maybe i can swap it for a white one then?”

The second, and much less acceptable problem seems to be something that I… I just can’t see how Apple would have overlooked:

When you hold the iPhone 4 in your hand, the signal degrades, and disappears.

That’s right. The iPhone 4 is totally wicked fast and awesome, until it’s in your hand. Y’know, that place it would be if you were making a call. Wanna see this in action? Check it.

YouTube Preview Image

How in f**king f**k do you mess this up? Actually, I posit a theory: as reports of this outrageous blunder trickle through the internet, it seems the problem is coming from the lower left corner of the device. Now, imagine holding the iPhone in your hand. Where’s the left corner? Probably close to your pinky, if you’re right-handed. However, I, like the dude in the video, here, am left-handed. The lower left corner would be nestled snugly in the palm of my hand, keeping all that sweet 4G signal tucked away. I guess every single person working for Apple is right-handed, or something. That, perhaps, is how the f**king f**k you mess this up.

Anyway, while the world once again goes iPhone crazy, I’ll definitely be content to sit on my arse for a little while. Besides, maybe I want one in white. And maybe ages from now, they’ll have some.

[Via Gizmodo, TechRadar]

Written by Ty Dunitz

Ty is an illustrator who stays up too late, and has to wear glasses. You can follow him on Twitter if you want to (@glitchritual), but he's just gonna throw your stupid PR crap in the garbage, so don't email him.

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  • Chris
  • inket

    wow, lot of hatred in this article.

    Apple said the signal problem is software related, we’ll have to wait and see.

  • alex

    This is a pretty colourfully worded article for someone who apparently doesn’t even have one to be ticked off about. There is only a handfull of these screen discoloration reprots, and the antena reports seem iffy. There are allot of variables when it comes to phone signal strength. I bet the signal strength issues will be cleared up with a firmware update.

    The significance of both of the “issues” seems hyper-inflated.

  • Sachin Ghodke

    Whatever be the case, colorful article or not, I will wait and watch. As with Apple’s new product releases, its the first launch which is more times than always, flawed. Maybe its because how Apple goes about building/”inventing” (http://www.asktog.com/columns/082iPad&Mac.html) their products. Maybe Steve’s narcissist view about his company keeps him oblivious to everything happening in the world. But they know how to fix it and fix it good. I am only hoping that these fixes happen soon. Anticipated time frame would be in the next 4-5 months, and possibly some of the countries might see a delayed launch of this new iP4.

  • j

    this is stupid. of course if you cover the antenna the signal will go down…..did you look at how the dude was holding the phone? His fingers were spread out and it looked uncomfortable. and it’s only the left hand. sure a lot of weirdo’s are left handed but the majority of us are not. so granted you’re not a left handed weirdo who likes to hold his phone in the most uncomfortable way, the your iphone will still be bad ass.

    or as Jobs put it …..just stop holding your phone like that.

  • JT

    Whats worse than a terrible design flaw of the antenna is the way Apple fans defend anything negative directed at an Apple product. As soon as someone finds a fault or says they don’t like it they get labelled as a fanboy of a competing product when thats just not the case.

    You owe Apple NOTHING so why defend them so personally (a product of Apples exceptional marketing by the way). It’s got to the ridiculous whereby people think its ok for an expensive top of the line phone to lose reception when held left handed or in a particular way. This does not happen with any other phone.

    This is not a software issue, in fact the software update related to signal bars may leave you with even fewer bars. Why? because Apple have been basically ’rounding up’ signal strength, which in laymans terms means they have been lying to make it look like the iphones have great signal (granted, probably not the only company to do this).

    Let me tell you, this antenna issue is a massive design flaw for any company let alone one like Apple. They trade off of being a top tech company that make premium products that work very well. It’s what their brand was built on. Billions have already been wiped off their company value and serious damage could be inflicted on their brand if this is mishandled.

    Steve jobs response ‘you’re holding it wrong’ must be infuriating to those affected. And its not isolated to the few lefty’s. How many times have you changed hands while talking on the phone? I do it all the time. In fact I probably use my left more so my right hand can be used for typing, writing or whatever (stop sniggering).

    ps – not a fanboy of anything, just unbiased opinion

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