Oil Spill Woes Make An Appearance At Your Doorstep Through New Website

While I am not sure how “cool” the content is but this new website is offering a very insightful look into how huge the oil spill issue in the Gulf Of Mexico really is by allowing you to super impose it over your home and surrounding area.

The software for the website IfItWasMyHome.com uses a combination of Google Maps and freely available government data available via the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It places the parameters of the BP oil spill over any area in the world.

You can move the spill to center on any location by simply typing in your address or any address as you would for Google Maps.

Originally the size has been compared to Rhode Island, one of America’s smallest states, but when it is super imposed over your town it definitely seems to be a much bigger problem than Rhode Island.

The site is updated daily to cope with the ever changing scope of the disaster.

Source: CNETNews

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