WWDC Predictions: What Will Be Unveiled Next Week?

Apple has been hyping Monday’s upcoming World Wide Developers Conference pretty heavily. With all this hype, it better be good. Here is a roundup of some predictions of what will be announced at the week long show starting this Monday.

iPhone OS 4
This won’t be a surprise to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock these past few months. Steve Jobs has guaranteed he will be spending a good portion of time during the keynote talking about all the new things his new magical device will bring to the world of telecommunications and music. Hopefully we will get an actual release date for the 4G iPhone from Mr. Jobs himself.

Mac Pro
The last revision of the Mac Pro was over a year ago, being released in March of 2009. Intel has already introduced suitable processors for the next generation of the line, so the Mac Pro’s may be on the menu for next week.

Cloud-Based iTunes
There have been rumors of Apple working on a revamped version of iTunes that is cloud-based. But industry sources have said that they don’t see such a service being on the horizon anytime soon. Though, Steve Jobs did reveal earlier this week that Apple has been working on some sort of wireless syncing for the iPhone (it’s about time, I guess we won’t have to jailbreak after all).

Apple TV
A recent rumor has stated that Apple was working on a completely revamped Apple TV. The new device is said to be based directly on the iPhone OS 4, making the WWDC the perfect place to announce such a thing.

Steve Jobs has promised that it will awesome, so there could be a few surprises.

Source: MacRumors

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