OS X Tablet Unveiled

Okay, this headline is probably more clickbait than actual truth, but before January 2010 how many of you have waited more than a few years to see that headline pop up in your feed readers?

Actually, this is quite the non-event – another device crudely fashioned and sold purely on the basis that it might actually run OS X for a week or two before becoming unstable.

The Axon Haptic Tablet obviously doesn’t come with OS X installed, since only morons would actually try to sell a product owned by another company without any attempt to license or attribution.

Instead, they sell systems “designed to be suitable for installing Darwin-based operating systems”. Yes, OS X and Darwin, those two.

I would think at $750, and with the whole Apple tablet issue put to bed by the range of iOS devices now available, Axon Logic is going to have a hard time shifting a significant number of these things.

Yes, people still have the dream of running the full range of software they use on their Macs on a portable device, but this tablet still isn’t capable of running large apps like Photoshop, and the method of text input is handwriting over a capacitive touch keyboard, so no one is going to write their next novel on it.

As a Mac user, the hackintosh thing has never really appealed to me, but I’m sure someone somewhere is really excited about this right now.

Written by Toby Leftly

Toby is a Mac nerd, a hardware nerd and a web nerd, rolled into one. You can find him at accentmedia.ca or on Twitter.

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  • Ed Geraldina

    Or you could get a Dell Streak for much cheaper.


  • Geoff Dillard

    This is a cool idea but I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. Tablets are consumption devices, not content creation devices.

  • Cye

    Yeah I will purchase the Dell Streak just as soon as they get off of ATT & sell an unlocked Dell Streak for tmobile because ATT sucks,Plus I have to have my Tmobile unlimited everything (Voice,Text & best of all unlimited Data).

  • Youssoffahmy

    Osx would suck on a tablt if it isnt modified. Im waiting for apple to release one. It cant be too long before they realize that people actually want osx on there ipads/pods/phones. Cum on apple get a life and give us what we want.

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