$100 Origami iPhone Stand - Functional, Stylish, Expensive

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Craft time! Got a spare $100 bill lying around? Of course you do, you’re made of money. Look at you, in your freshly-pressed leisure suit and Italian shoes. Well, don’t dawdle, go get your bill, and play along as designer Enrique Pardo guides you through the how-to of creating your very own origami iPhone stand.

You can’t more disregard currency without burning it! Or, like, eating it, I guess. You could do this with a $1 bill, but who would care? Certainly not me, you cheapo.

Written by Ty Dunitz

Ty is an illustrator who stays up too late, and has to wear glasses. You can follow him on Twitter if you want to (@glitchritual), but he's just gonna throw your stupid PR crap in the garbage, so don't email him.

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  • N/A

    What a twat.

  • Isn’t this from 3 years ago? The reason he picked a $100 bill is because of the $100 store credit that Apple offered early adopters after they dropped the price of the iPhone by $200 after just two months. He thought it would be funny giving the early adopters something to do with the $100 they got back.

  • Cooper

    i want to make this cuz it looks kewl but i dont really have ahundred dollars to spare :s

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