Preview: Screen Technology In 2014

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The problem with all this uber-cool technology is, how do we know what is actually useful and what isn’t? What will actually make it into our every day lives and what will be consigned to the tech landfills of tomorrow?

3D TV seems to be the ultimate expression of this. Of course content providers want a new product to sell us. Of course gadget hounds want a 3D TV in their living room.

But does that mean every TV in the developed world will one day be 3D?

Visualizing this stuff is the key, which is why shows like Star Trek and movies like Minority Report are always hailed as the creators of the vision we all hold dear when it comes to technology.

This short clip aims to do just that, and I think it does a fantastic job.

Technologies like flexible screens, face recognition, fingerprint scanning, motion detection and more come into play for this visualization of what technology will be to us in just a couple of years.

One particular element of this jumps out at me – technology intelligent enough to understand that we are not necessarily the device we use.

When I’m using an iPhone, I want to be able to immediately and seamlessly switch to the TV next to me, or the computer on my desk or the computer in the next office, and I want the device to help me achieve this.

Written by Toby Leftly

Toby is a Mac nerd, a hardware nerd and a web nerd, rolled into one. You can find him at or on Twitter.

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  • I cannot wait for 2014.

  • I guess bluetooth and/or bonjour could provide services for this zeroconf-networking experience. I WANT IT NOW 😉

  • Taylor

    I know a lot of this can be done today but how did he stretch out his screen at the beginning? That part they don’t really explain too well.

    • DumbCommentGuy

      Its called sleight of hand technology…

  • MAko

    The way he slid it out is like an intenna on a car. get what i’m saying? like the layers that pull out

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