Boyfriend Uses Girlfriend's Favorite Website to Propose To Her

Scott’s girlfriend, Leslie, was a power user of the popular Mom community site CafeMom. Scott sought to enlist their help in crafting his proposal to her through their popular Achievement Awards program.

He sent Cafe Mom the following e-mail to initiate the proceedings:

“I have a dilemma, and I was hoping your staff might be willing to accommodate a unique request for a one-of-a-kind feature. My girlfriend is a regular user of your site, spending hours of her time every day on the Answers section. I recently purchased a ring, and I am planning to propose to her. I would like to ask if you will work with me to create a memorable experience for her.

I understand that you have “Achievement Awards”, which she strives to collect, and checks on a regular basis. I was thinking of a “Will You Marry Me” achievement that I might be able to activate from a unique URL at any given time.

I would greatly appreciate any input you might have. If this idea is not possible, or if you have other ideas that might make this a special occasion for her, please contact me to further discuss the options.”

Cafe Mom staff member, Brian Craine, brainstormed a way that Cafe Mom and Scott could orchestrate the proposal. Craine and other staff set up a special “award” that would trigger the Saturday evening that he was planning to propose. They did this by adding an object into the code that said if the user was to answer a question after any time on that
afternoon, the “Will you marry me award” would pop up. The award incorporated an actual photo of the ring that Scott was to present to the lady in question.

Brian kept an eye on the site that day despite being off to make sure that everything went swimmingly for the couple and, indeed, it did as you can see from the video and Leslie’s subsequent post on the site:

YouTube Preview Image

There you have it, kids – the power of the internet being used for good. How awesome is that?

Last names were not used at the request of Cafe Mom staff to protect user privacy.

Written by Angela West

Copywriter by day, Angela's ultimate dream is to open a Fallout-themed pub featuring authentic Squirrel on a Stick and wait staff with Pip-Boys.

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  • Ew.

    • Blam blam


      • Vitor

        I support the both of you.

  • Dan

    Such an awesome way to propose. Very web 3.0 of doing it.

  • how adorable!!!! what a lucky gal.

  • iDontLikeFatties

    ew she is gross

  • Song Deets

    Wow, is that dude jsut cool or what? Wow.

  • Thats simply amazing. The fact that not only did he plan it out that well to have that idea but the fact that the website was willing to help is simply amazing. Not many websites would be willing to do that I bet.

    Congratulations to them.

  • she is such a loser.

  • ew

    How did he train that whale to use a computer?

  • DreamTheEndless did something very similar recently.

  • chris Charvoz

    Did she ever say yes? lol.

    I say this was kind of a fail on his part because he thought he was so smooth to propose to her in an annoying pop-up while she is sitting on the couch after what looks like a feast at Subway. and im sure he would have got on one knee if his damn coffee table wasn’t in the way. good luck Scott.

    but that hesitation is not a good sign for marriage.

  • Homer

    You losers making fun of that woman should probably have a look in the mirrior yourselves, you may not be fat but you are pathetic.To actually take the time to hurt someones feelings…how sad your life must be!

    • Vitor

      I have seen the Simpson’s and I do know that Homer’s life is pretty pathetic itself.

  • newave

    It would’ve been easier had he just hidden the ring in her jelly doughnut.

  • Reginald

    Oh how sweet, she set the laptop aside just long enough to say yes…and got right back on the site 5 minutes later and spent the rest of the day on it. Must be hard work.

  • Kayla

    Leslie, that was priceless!! Very creative on his part also I loved it, I’m so happy for you!!

  • Barf

    eeeeeeewwwwwwww I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth. What a couch cow.

  • lol that was cool, I might try this rofl =]

  • Comment ID

    The Girl is ugly. The girl is unattractive but still the guy choose to propose her in this superb manner, that means the girl has something excellent… attitude, behavior, nature, anything. so all those people above saying ew, gross etc must know that if something happens to them so there face and body become disfigured or ugly, they will be nothing because they don’t have attitude or behavior to do anything without their (so they think)pretty face. overall it shows that the boy loves girl dearly and i understand the girls reaction. She’s clearly nervous. Anybody will react like this if they get something in a manner they never expected.

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