OnLive Releases MicroConsole Which Allows Gaming Access Through Your TV

OnLive was a success with it’s cloud computing gaming idea, which many people thought wouldn’t work. They took another step tonight by releasing the MicroConsole.

If you don’t know what OnLive is, its basically a gaming service that streams games over the Internet that don’t take up any hard drive space on your computer. You can also watch other people playing in the OnLive Arena, and can watch ten second Brag Clips, which are basically just short little videos that people take while gaming to showcase their skills.

With the addition of the MicroConsole, you will be able to use these games on an OnLive console, which you can plug into your TV, and use an OnLive controller, which is basically just a copy of an XBOX Controller. You can also connect an XBOX controller if you are really attached.

The MicroConsole is $99, making it a bargain when compared with other consoles that run the same games, such as the XBox 360 and PS3. And, with OnLive’s ever growing game library, you will soon be able to find pretty much every popular game that runs on the 360 and PS3. If you pre-order the MicroConsole, you also get a free game.

Written by John Siano

John Siano is a writer on all things technology. Send him an email.

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