Like Tron? Signature Tron Furniture at Design Miami 2010

If you were a fan of Tron or are a fan of Tron: Legacy, you’ll survive nicely in one of these fabulous chairs. Designed by Dror Benshetrit for Walt Disney’s Signature line, they will be on display at Design Miami 2010.

Written by Angela West

Copywriter by day, Angela's ultimate dream is to open a Fallout-themed pub featuring authentic Squirrel on a Stick and wait staff with Pip-Boys.

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  • I like it!

  • With how much they are sure to charge for these, it would be nice to see furniture that is an ACTUAL representation of the Tron world (sharp geometric shapes, led lights, gloss and matte textures). This couch looks like a “shabby chic” scam.

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