Apparently, A Lot of People Are Obsessed With Facebook

It’s clear that Facebook is absolutely huge and getting absolutely huger every day. It’s getting so embedded into many of our lives that some couldn’t imagine not having it.

Facebook facts are everywhere and it seems that the infographics associated with them are equally prevalent, but this one stuck out as interesting. While it has been published on several different blogs, (which we found out after originally seeing it on Automotive Social Media) it’s quality is strong enough to make us give it one more shot at exposure.

Are you obsessed with Facebook?

The Stats on Digg
Via: Online Schools

Written by Rocco Penn

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  • This many people on Facebook isn’t the actual sad thing, it is the result that should piss us off. Facebook breeds a lazy Internet user; someone who isn’t willing or doesn’t want to search out blogs for news, use RSS, or sign up for services because they have to make a username and password. Facebook maybe making us all “closer,” but it is definitely breeding an ignorant Internet user.

    • @Braden A lot of people post news articles on Facebook, sharing news with “friends.” The graphic doesn’t specify what kind of news people get through FB, anyway.

      I think it’s amazing how many people are connecting through Facebook. 150 years ago people had to wait so long before hearing from their friends and loved ones. We’re now connected with the globe, and communication is instant. That’s not sad, that’s incredible.

  • Tes

    Braden, one way around that is to add a “Sign-in with FaceBook” button to your service.

  • Well, you can see it this way. Facebook could be an interesting marketing tool. You already have a customer base of 500 million people. All you need to do is to target the right audience with the right product. Then you too could be on your way to earning in millions

  • Avo

    after investing millions…

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