Nissan Reveals All-Electric ESFLOW Sports Car Concept

Nissan Esflow Concept image

Nissan generated plenty of buzz from the launch of the all-electric Leaf, the world’s first mass-marketed family sedan EV. But at the Geneva Motor Show, Nissan will unveil a new electric vehicle that’s sure to turn even more heads.

The Nissan ESFLOW is an all-electric sports car concept that employs the same technologies installed in the Nissan Leaf. But unlike the Leaf, the ESFLOW features two electric motors that power each of the rear wheels. The car’s laminated lithium-ion batteries are also mounted low to achieve the best possible weight distribution. These differences, according to Nissan, will help the ESFLOW go from 0-60 mph in just five seconds.

Nissan designed the ESFLOW from the ground up to be an electric vehicle. The automaker wanted to show that a vehicle could be ecologically sound, while also delivering driving enjoyment. That means that Nissan’s designers had free rein to place the powertrain and batteries in the optimum positions in the chassis to optimize the car’s handling and performance.

Aside from the ESFLOW’s innovative powertrain, it also features roll bars integrated into the structure behind the seats. This unique design negates the need for obtrusive, thick, reinforced A-pillars to protect the car in the event of a roll over. It also helps to eliminate the blind spots that A-pillars inevitably create.

More details on the Nissan ESFLOW will become available closer to the Geneva Motor Show, which begins March 3. Although the ESFLOW isn’t expected to get the green light for production, it does show that Nissan is eager to expand its EV offerings beyond the all-new Leaf. And, the ESFLOW’s incredible design may give clues as to what the successor to the 370Z might look like.

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Written by David Lux

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