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JD Rucker April 20 Apple

With Apple in the process of

It just goes to show that if you’re going to go after someone, you should be sure that they don’t have a counter-claim against you.

Written by JD Rucker

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  • Ihatedisqus

    Old and inaccurate. They mentioned the phone in 2006 and unveiled it in Feb 2007… after the iPhone was unveiled in Jan 2007.

  • I have to call bull on this one. As various sources have pointed out, the graphic is wrong on the dates. Samsung talked about the F700 in 2006 but did not show it. The phone made its first appearance in Feburary, 2007, just a month after Apple showed the iPhone. Reference Cult of Mac:

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that samsung didn’t show the F700 at cebit they just announced it no one saw the product until it was released in feb a full month after th iPhone came out so the androids can keep trying to defend samsung but lying isn’t the way to do that.

  • i’d say let them sue. i dont like samsung as a phone manufacturer, however i’d love to see them retaliate. i mean lets be serious, 90% of Apple’s hardware comes from Samsung. Apple is Samsung’s second biggest client. Steve Jobs said it himself, they make software, not hardware. So if he decides to sue the (almost) sole supplier of hardware for his “magical” iPhone, he is far more stupid and arrogant that I originally thought.

    Maybe to help convince you guys I should link to horribly biased news sources, stay tuned for articles from The Cult of,, and

  • Dullnar

    Indeed. Here’s also an article by former copyright lawyer Nilay Patel why this is not relevant:

  • My initial response was “Oh! Snap!” until I read the comments other people had put up. Still, even if Samsung didn’t show a model of the unit, if there’s any patent paperwork or concept stuff that pre-dates iPhone, that could be interesting to how this case develops. This actually reminds me of the story of the first telephone patent that was submitted by Alexander Graham Bell on the same day as Elisha Gray, with the order of their processing being the deciding factor.

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