Google Launches Cleaner, Faster Toolbar

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Google has brought the speed of Google Instant to its latest Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. One of the primary features of the new Toolbar is the addition of Toolbar Instant, which allows users to type a query in the search box and receive instant search predictions. Google’s attempt at mind-reading is ultimately intended to get users to their results even faster.

In addition to search predictions, the updated Toolbar is equipped with more options for personalization. Within its simpler, cleaner design, you’re free to emphasize as little or as much as you want. Buttons and features that aren’t in-use will be hidden under the “More” button.

Last but not least, Google also added more robust security and privacy settings. Since features like PageRank and spell check require sharing some information with Google, you can rest assured that you’re ultimately in control of just how much information is communicated.

Google Toolbar 7 promises to be one of the fastest add-ons for Internet Explorer. Despite additional features, the toolbar shouldn’t impair overall performance.

Feel free to explore the new features for Google Toolbar 7, or head over to the download page to test it out for yourself. More information can also be found below.

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Written by David Lux

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  • Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about the new Google Instant – it feels kind of “busy.” It also feels like Google is hustling me to get my search done and move on to something else. I like searching, taking my time, formulating queries and piecing through the results. However, on the other hand, the predictive text is a neat way to see what other people are searching for.

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