"As Seen On" YouTube pages promotes those who promote YouTube


When you’re hold the attention of hundreds of millions of users, it’s good to “give back” every now and then. YouTube is doing just that with their new “As Seen On” pages that are designed to “celebrate content curators,” specifically large blogs and other sites that embed YouTube videos and drive views to them regularly.

The intention is not only to promote those who are sending views to videos and traffic to the site, but also to “connect those conversations around the web” surrounding videos to add context and bring better understanding and commentary to the medium as a whole. The service crawls web feeds of sites that often embed videos and place them on dedicated pages that highlight the videos.

YouTube has always encouraged content creation, but this is the first real promotion of content curation, acknowledging that recognition and exposure of the latest and greatest content is a valuable part of the cycle.

Kurt Wilms, product manager, wrote, “As a blog or site owner, this is another way all that hard work you put into building your readership can pay off and generate even more traffic for your site. You might even get your site exposed to a whole new audience via people who encounter it for the first time on YouTube, so keep up the great work!”

Here is the current view of Techi’s page. While the feed is not up to date, it is still very nicely set up and will definitely encourage us to embed more videos. Will you post more as a result?

As seen on Techi
Written by Connor Livingston

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  • Anonymous

    That actually looks like it might jsut work. Wow.


  • David Mozilla

    Is there a way to know when is youtube going to add “as seen on” for my blog? ¬†Is it related to the number of videos I embed, or the hits I generate for youtube?

  • Let’s see the updates and developments in Youtube that can be applied in marketing efforts.

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