Social media used to identify Vancouver riot suspects

After the Stanley Cup loss which lead to riots last night in Vancouver, outraged Canadians have taken their fight for justice to Facebook and social media. By posting photos and videos of the perpetrators online, they hope they can help police and others to identify the criminals (or at least put them to shame!).


One of the stores had a bunch of Louis Vuitton bags and wallets stolen. The following were found listed on Craigslist shortly after:

This girl thinks she can’t be found because she deleted her Facebook account, but someone found her full profile page:

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  • Socialmediaidiots

    Here’s another one for you… totally admitted on Facebook. Some people just aren’t that bright.

  • Mckain Default

    woow, I thought that this happens only in the 3rd world

    • In the third world they riot about their preferred candidate losing an election, not something as petty as a sports team losing

  • It’s amazing….

  • Zahouse22

    That is called a written confession, why would you write something that implicates you in a riot, as a joke? You have a pretty sad mode of logic. Sounds like you would have been someone participating in such a senseless riot.

  • Dmcgrew

    Get these fuckkerS!

  • This is really ridiculous how people start being uncivil like that, do we get back to a stage where reason and morals were not present HUH!

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