Jet-Propelled wing flying over the Grand Canyon: Jetman


Many children dream of flying. Whether they want to be pilots or Superman, there is something compelling about soaring through the air that fills kids’ imaginations and creates desires that need to be satiated. Most of us never experience it beyond commercial flights.

Yves Rossy from Switzerland fulfilled his childhood dreams… and then some.

First, he became a pilot. That’s admirable but nothing extraordinary. What sets him apart is being the only man in history to fly with a jet-propelled wing.

His dream started as a 13-year-old child attending an airshow and watching military jets perform maneuvers. He grew up and became a military pilot in the Swiss Air Force, then moved on be a commercial pilot for Swiss International Air Lines.

In 2005, his Jetman Project became a reality when he was able to hold level flight with 2 model jet turbines. After switching to 4 turbines in 2006, he was able to make vertical moves and has been enhancing the technology through 15 prototypes ever since. His latest flight in May over the Grand Canyon is something that will surely spark more children around the world to have the same dream of flight.

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Written by Rocco Penn

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