Microsoft goes after Google with humor (that actually worked)

Gmail Man

When it comes to funny competitive attack commercials, many have tried and failed to capture the magic of “I’m a Mac”. Microsoft was finally able to put out a cute (not hilarious, but point made) video taking a jab at Google services that will be competing against Microsoft Office 365.

Introducing Gmail Man. The video does make some good points that many people know but that most try to ignore. Google has and probably always will algorithmically comb our emails in an effort to serve more relevant ads on their email service. It’s a controversial practice that Google has been able to sidestep for years. Microsoft is calling them on it nicely.

According to Amy Vernon at Network World, “The entire point of this video isn’t so much out of concern for the public as it is to pimp out its new Office 365 suite, meant to compete directly with Google Apps.”

It’s a valiant effort. Will they truly be able to cast doubt on Google’s more dubious practices?

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Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Christopher Steurer

    Wow, Microsoft is really getting better with their ads. I am surprised anyone was brave enough to actually take on this issue, but I’m more surprised that out of all the companies out there, Microsoft was the one to actually pull it off right! Still have no idea how Office 365 is better, but  it makes you kind of think that you should look around at other options at the very least. Well done Microsoft, your move Google!

  • So, is Microsoft making an implicit offer here to **not** examine my mail – anonymously or otherwise? Or are they just saying “we’re not going to tell you that we do it too”?

  • Anonymous

    This makes a whole lot of sense dude. I kinda like that idea.

  • This commercial actually makes me almost want to go switch to 365. … or at least setup my own email server.

    I like it.

  • But Microsoft knows that it’s comparing Office365 with consumer GMail, right? And that the Google equivalent of O365, erm, doesn’t show ads? Right?

    • Of course they know, but it seems majority of people do not. I see comments how actually people want to use 365. MS loves to twists the things…
      I remember before years  when they made a campaign and said all terrorists are using Linux. WTF…

  • This is also why I Bing my searches instead of Google my searches. I don’t like have every little thing tailored to me by a company or its algorithm that pretends to know me or what I want to see. Google was good now they’re just all up in my business. Not cool.

    • Anonymous

      I think I see what you did there…or where you serious?

  • i actually have no problem with gmail using keywords to target my ads… as long as it’s algorithms rather than people doing the “reading”:)

    • Anonymous

      Yes sir, you know what you are talking about… 

  • Anonymous

    Like Microsoft does not do the same and charges exorbitant sums of money with some of their products on top of it…

  • It wouldn’t be so retarded if wasnt the fact that obviously MS tries to ad their businness service and compare it to the public’s one of Google.
    Google doesn’t “skim” emails of business customers, nor does ads.
    Of course they will try make money of your personal account. You are using it for free and they actually give you a lot of resources.

  • Joe Wyzard

    does the “G” stand for government?

  • Anonymous

    Needs better jingle.  If this gets stuck in my head, it will not be in a good way and it barely says what the ad is for. How do the the Apple ads start? “Hello, I’m a Mac.”  First things first.  Needs different actor who looks less frightening.  Target must be people already using MS office products or businesses considering going to GMail for company mail.

  • Erik G

    The best advertisement they could come up with for the Office 365 product was about how they make money off of you different than Gmail?

  • As if anyone would believe that Microsoft aren’t doing the same things…just without telling you. I don’t mind those ads showing up on my free GMail account, because I’m not naive enough to know that ALL email can be read and intercepted unless you’re on an incredibly secure system. And even those emails can be read if you’re part of a criminal investigation, so…pretty much everything you send electronically is possible to be snooped upon. I’d be more worried about a company that has a virtual monopoly on PC operating systems, PC wp programs, spreadsheets, and…wait…

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