Yet another iPad rumor: HD

ipad 2

While rumors of an iPad 3 coming out later this year bouncing between yes, no, maybe, and we don’t know, the latest rumor seems to make a little more sense. An HD variation of the current iPad 2 is being considered as “likely” with double the current resolution of 1024×768. The idea is that it would be available as either a pro version or one that would allow HD mobile apps.

The folks over at TechFast match our own speculations. Would it be useful? Maybe. Would it sell? Obviously.

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Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Apple iPad 2 will not support true HD or full HD. Because iPad 2 come with 1024*768 resolution and 1080p HD content needs 1280*720 resolution. IF you connect your iPad 3 with HD TV than your not able to watch 1080p video on it. It support only 720p resolution. People will love HD version of iPad.

  • thanks for posting 🙂

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