Zuckerberg Going Apple on Google

Welcome IBM

In this cartoon by the geniuses at Joy of Tech, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg invokes the 1981 ad that Apple ran in the Wall Street Journal “welcoming” IBM to the world of personal computers. The ad, of course, didn’t work out very well at the time but has become an icon of bold messaging in competitive advertising.

JoT shows Zuckerberg how to correct his stance in the battle his company is currently having with Google as they prepare to launch Google+ against Facebook.

Zuck vs Google
Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Interesting.

  • Hahah Nice 🙂

  • Henrick

    It would be funny…except Google+ isn’t copying Facebook at all. From what I’ve seen of it, Google+ blows Facebook away. Oh, and there were plenty of social networking sites before Facebook…just saying…

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