3/4 of US states do not have solar incentives

Solar Panels

When it comes to renewable energy, solar is often considered the easiest to acquire. The sun is a source of so much energy and the potential to collect it is almost limitless. There are both financial and logistical challenges surrounding solar, but in tough economic times any industry that has been proven to create jobs should be incentivized over others.

Yet, 37 states do not offer incentives to bring in solar jobs.

This infographic breaks down the statistics about the states the do and do not have incentives, the states that are most “ripe” for a solar job boom, and ways that people can act.

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Solar Jobs
Written by JD Rucker

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  • Anonymous

    No way dude who comes up with tall that stuff man.

  • Yet, 37 states do not offer incentives to bring in solar jobs. This infographic breaks down the statistics about the states the do and do not have …

  • He’d also like to see tax cuts for solar materials made in the United States. “We’re supposed to be a growing industry. But there has been no policy-maker

  • It’s important that the federal government work with state and local governments to implement creative solutions to reduce greenhouse emissions.  There also needs to be cooperation among public and private entities.  I think the best approach is to do something similar to the SBA (Small Business Administration).  This allows the government to partner with banks.  The SBA takes some of the risk away from the bank, but only 40% I believe.   This means the banks would still do a proper risk assessment, rather than just give money away to the solar companies.  This is a necessary step, because otherwise you have situations like the investment in Soladyne, a solar panel company that just went bust. The government wasted very large amounts of taxpayers money in this investment.  I’m all for solar energy investments, but the government shouldn’t be giving these loans directly.  There needs to be a proper financial analysis/valuation to make sure the company is viable over the long term.  This due diligence will help create better solar energy investments and more sustainable job creation.    

  • Since lot of states in Financial trouble they are not interested in incentives. The situation is going to get better. They should create a favorable environment with Feed in Tariff and quick approval to make the project implementation and investment

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