Thanks to science, boarding a plane may get faster soon

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It wasn’t the airlines or the government that come up with a scientific, algorithmically-based method for speeding up the boarding of a plane. It was an astrophysicist named Jason Steffen who came up with the “Steffen Method” with uses the Monte Carlo optimization method  of calculating to bring us the technique.

A few years ago, Steffen was boarding a plane and witnessed the slow methods airlines were using to get people on board. He came up with the Steffen Method which alternates rows, starts with window seats first, and keeps progress moving in the right direction when everyone boards in the right order.

No airlines have adopted it yet, but based upon how it turned out, we may end up seeing it soon depending on how we fly.

This or That TV put it to the test. Here are the results.

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Written by Connor Livingston

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  • While this idea does make sense in theory, in practice I feel it would fall short. (Going off this method exactly) would be difficult when children or the elderly would need to board the plane with their guardians/attendants. Another issue would be that those travelling together will likely oppose this idea wholeheartedly and possibly drive them to pursue another airline that hasn’t adopted this method yet. I feel it’s an interesting idea but it’s just that; an idea.

  • will it work (well)?
    i think it needs time to be proved
    just let’s see it

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