The American Identity According to Social Media

God Bless America

There is so much that can be learned about a people through social media data. People don’t always act the same way online as they do in the real world, but if anything it allows likes and interests to be more genuine based upon the anonymity associated (for now) with online activities. In other words, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tagged may know more about us than our friends and family do.

In this graphic, we explore various pieces of data that help to paint a pretty clear picture of Americans and their online activities. We may all be aware that Americans love video games, but did you know that Americans also love routines? These and other pieces of data can help us know what it truly means to be an American.

American Identity
Written by Rocco Penn

A tech blogger, social media analyst, and general promoter of all things positive in the world. "Bring it. I'm ready." Find me on Media Caffeine, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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  • hmm….wow

  • That seems another improvment of American people life!

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