The social media litmus test for hiring

Social Media Job Screening

Social media is often a paradox. For many, it’s the convergence of our private lives with public access and scrutiny. As a result, many companies are starting to use social media as a litmus test when hiring the same way they use criminal background checks or credit checks.

Companies can now legally compile information about you and your public activities on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else. If it’s public, it’s usable. If it’s usable, chances are slim that anything you have on your social profiles can help you get a job. They can only hurt.

This graphic by our friends at MindFlash breaks it down nicely for us. How are companies screening. What are they doing with the information?

It also goes into detail about 5 wasy to make sure you don’t get hired. Click to enlarge.

Social Media Job Screening
Written by Connor Livingston

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  • Recruiters and HR would do well to inform employees of any policy they may have with regards to using Social Media in the hiring process. I would bet they will have to have some type of legal disclosure as a CYA at a minimum.

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