Dancing, gambling, and underwear give deeper insights into humans

Craps Table

Looking at individuals and breaking down their traits, how one inclination affects another habit, and why we choose to do the things we do is often challenging. Causation is difficult to isolate in the individual because there are simply too many factors amongst the things we can see and no about, let alone the plethora of underlying circumstances that remain hidden from us and outside observers, often for our entire lives.

When we break the data down into groups and start analyzing it in reference to masses of people rather than individuals, we can often see the forest more clearly than we can see the trees themselves. That’s the theory and it has held up well for Hunch.

In the graphics below, we can look at some quirky insights into people based upon some mundane habits and preferences. Do older men wear boxers or briefs? It’s unknown whether Bill Clinton was part of this study, but let’s assume he was.

Click to enlarge each.

Boxers or Briefs
Written by Connor Livingston

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  • Well, I must confess the part about underwear is really accurate to me. LOL, great work, man!

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