Is social media having an impact in business?

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We know where to look to see what Johnny had for breakfast, how little Timmy slid into 3rd base, and what’s happening with Lady Gaga. There is no doubt that social media has connected us to our friends, family, and current events in ways that we couldn’t even imagine a decade ago. When it comes to business, that’s where things get a little more gray.

Is it really working? Let’s face it – most who have tried to use social media for business purposes have been met with certain levels of disdain and abuse. They get called spammers. They’re get unfriended, unfollowed, blocked, banned, or publicly ridiculed. Is there really any return on the investment of time and money that goes into trying to use social media for marketing?

It has been the big thing for a few years now, but it’s extremely hard to track. Business people using social media for marketing are still latching onto it and trying to convince their bosses, employees, and board members (and often themselves) that the effort is truly worth it. If you ask most people, they will say that they prefer social media as an outlet for personal use.

Asking businesses, it’s a different story. As you can see from the data in the infographic below, there are still plenty of believers in social media as a business marketing tool. Do you believe in it?

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Social Media ROI
Written by Rocco Penn

A tech blogger, social media analyst, and general promoter of all things positive in the world. "Bring it. I'm ready." Find me on Media Caffeine, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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