Sick illusion

Sick Illusion

If you pull this into Photoshop, you can check the colors. The “blue’ and “green” are actually the same. In the RGB format, the way we perceive colors is affected by the surrounding colors. If you pull out the other colors and leave only the blue/green, you’ll see what we mean.

Sort of trippy.

Written by Connor Livingston

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  • ignacio alcocer cordero

    i like sick illusions…

  • I’m a graphic designer and I’ve got to admit I’m totally freaked out about that.  Nuts!! 😉

  • i felt a little bit dizzy when i saw the picture…

  • Gueston

    You don’t need any fancy software to check that, specially the expensive Photoshop.
    You can use Firefox’s Colorzilla plugin:

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