Further proof that Apple can predict the future: Siri, 1987


Apple has often been noted as having the uncanny ability to see into their future. It isn’t simply having products that are ahead of their time. It’s about having a vision that can come true. On today, the day that Steve Jobs died, let’s take a look at one of the most profound examples of Apple’s predictive abilities.

In 1987, Apple produced a video that described the “Knowledge Navigator”, a virtual personal assistant that worked through voice commands to perform many different tasks such as scheduling, searching for things, and contacting people. Siri, previewed yesterday by Apple as part of their iPhone 4S launch, is just that – a virtual assistant of sorts. The voices are different. There is no virtual face attached to Siri. Otherwise, it’s pretty darn similar.

Now the spooky part – the video was describing events as they were to happen on September 16, 2011. In other words, the video was almost 3 weeks off in its prediction. Not bad for a 24-year-old video.

First, Siri. Skip to 0:44:

YouTube Preview Image

Now, the eery 1987 video:

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty spooky.

* * *

(via: Gizmodo)

Written by Scarlett Madison

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