Steve Ballmer discusses Microsoft's past, present, and future

Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer can never be called shy. Within moments of opening his appearance oat the Web 2.0 Summit this week, he started his offensive against Google with jabs about their Apps cloud collaboration software and Android, then went after the Apple iPhone.

As a speaker at the event 2 years ago, Ballmer lauded the recently-released Bing. Yesterday, he noted that Bing’s reach had more than doubled since then, going from 7% market share to 15% itself and twice that when you factor in Bing-powered search such as Yahoo!.

“Together with Yahoo, we’re between 25 percent and 30 percent market share,” Ballmer said.

He then challenged the audience to compare searches on Bing and Google. According to his numbers, 70% of searches do not care which engine they use. The remaining 30%, he said, are split between Bing and Google on preference.

On the social front, co-host John Batelle asked, “Have you decided to punt on social, or are you going to surprise us at some point?”

While he mentioned the company’s relationship with Facebook, he pointed more towards Xbox Live and recently-acquired Skype as their social entries.

Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Yeah ! Really. Steve Ballmer is pretty honest with his job. He never hesitate with to telling true. He never hide to correct figures. We can believe on these details.

  • Steve Ballmer looks like a ET, but most of his opinions are right.

  •  If there is one corporation in the world that has simply been ruling its arena without any real competition, then it has to be the mighty Microsoft. Microsoft Windows is undoubtedly the most easy-to-use operating system and the sales of copies of Windows in the past 18 or so years, is an indication of that. But there is one flaw in Microsoft WIDNOWS that has been there since the first copy of Windows was released. The internal mechanism, by which the kernel of the Windows OS passes control to the individual applications, is susceptible to attacks. Till now, we have seen a host of viruses for Windows systems, but only a few of them exploited this weakness. So, the biggest surprise for Microsoft is yet to come.

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