The best places to work in Silicon Valley

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Jobs are scarce in most sectors. Silicon Valley is one of those rare areas where the top tech talent is actually being aggressively sought. They aren’t fighting for jobs as much as the companies are fighting for them.

One of the most important ways that a company is able to differentiate itself is by offering perks that others do not. It goes well-beyond having 401K and medical insurance. In the competitive world of tech-talent acquisition, many of the bigger companies go out of their way to make sure their employees are nurtured and feel special.

Whether it’s onsite breakfast and daily catered lunch and dinner to keep employees well-nourished at or having a rock-climbing wall to let off steam at Google, the big tech companies are doing whatever they can separate themselves from the others.

This infographic by ResumeBear takes a look at some of the best companies in Silicon Valley. Click to enlarge.

Best Places to Work in Silicon Valley
Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Hmmm.. Its looks like better place for working. This are pretty tough for good workers to working in silicon valley.

  • it seems that work in Google is the best

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