Modern Warfare 3 live action trailer is funny, says little about the game

Modern Warfare 3 Live Action Trailer
Rocco Penn November 6 Gaming

If there was any doubt about the difference in marketing budgets between rival first-person shooters Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, this video will dispel that doubt.

Starring Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill and Dwight Howard, the minute-and-a-half trailer puts the action star, the comedy star, and the basketball star into the game. Worthington plays “The Vet” and his cohorts are “The n00bs” as the game, due to be released next week, apparently needs star power more than storyline or gameplay to bring it to the attention of the masses.

Then again, anyone who enjoys first-person shooters is likely well aware of the game, so putting a little comedy and star power into the mix might be exactly what the marketing team needed.

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  • I am a big fan of entire series of Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 2 was really amazing that why I am so exciting about this latest version. Love to watch this trailer.

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