Predators versus prey in the startup ecosystem


The “Startup Sea” is broad and loaded with life. There are those who are considered predators, which means someone has to be the prey. It’s a self-sustaining culture as long as there’s enough people (and dollars) looking for “the next big thing” coming into our lives. That part, at least, seems to be consistent.

Everyone from angel investors to tech bloggers play a role. It can be an ugly process to create something wonderful.

This graphic by our friends at Udemy examines this ecosystem and makes the distinct roles come to life. Click to enlarge.

Startup Ecosystem
Written by Connor Livingston

+Connor Livingston is a tech blogger who will be launching his own site soon, Lythyum. He lives in Oceanside, California, and has never surfed in his life. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
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