This cake is not a lie

Portal Cake Uncut

We normally don’t look at cooking as a way to generate tech discussions or exemplify geek awesomeness, but this sort of cooking does the trick. Fans of the game Portal should be very familiar with the concept of “the cake’s a lie.” If you played the game, you probably cannot look at cake (or the promise of it) the same as you once did.

This cake was baked by Mike’s Amazing Cakes and their portfolio of creatively conceived delicacies is impressive to say the least. At first glance of the image above, one would probably think that it’s a cool plastic or metal replica of the gaming icon, but as you see below, it’s a well-crafted disguise for sugary goodness.

Portal Cake
Written by Scarlett Madison

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  • Anonymous

    No way dude thats like the coolest thign I have ever seen!

  • I dont still viewed this game..

  • That’s one freaking awesome cake, how could they just eat something as awesome as that.

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