A comprehensive comparison of online video players


The online video world is dominated by YouTube with others such as Vimeo and Metacafe picking up the scraps. They are free, convenient, and practical for most website owners to use. Those who need more flexibility or something proprietary turn to self-hosted video players to fill their websites and we have an excellent graphic that breaks down the four majors.

Major brands who want more control over their videos often turn to players rather than YouTube, giving them the ability to “own” their content more easily. GM, Disney, Dell, and AT & T are just some of the brands who look to YouTube second but host videos on their own sites regularly. Even entertainment companies like Showtime and ESPN prefer this method. Which players are they using and why?

This helpful breakdown by Devious Media answers the question for us. Click to enlarge.

Video Players

(Via: Devious Media. H/T: Cleveland VW)

Written by Connor Livingston

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