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Almost every time gets a new iDevice, they download LOTS of apps, especially fitness ones. They see apps that will supposedly make them marathoners within weeks, and during the first day, they exercise really hard. The next day becomes a rest one, and on the third day, the apps goes to rest for good. But Nike + GPS (1.99) will actually keep you running and having a good time.

First off, let me explain what this app does. Instead of needing a sensor in your shoe like the app that came free when you got your device, this app simply uses your GPS in your iPhone. Even though the app is compatible with iPod Touch, you need a steady internet connection to keep it tracking your route. And holding an iPad while running is just kind of like using a Mac for doing something useful. Just kidding So, basically, you need an iPhone. Preferably an iPhone 4, as the Retina Display will somehow keep you more motivated.

Let me see that this app does keep you motivated, and will keep you running! On the home screen of the app, there is a counter of your total miles. Every time you open the app, this counter shows your total miles, running time, and average pace. For some reason, this makes you feel fast and nimble.

The app contains many modes, but the main ones are distance goals, time goals, or just running freely. For distance goals, you just try to get a certain distance, then stop. For tim goals, you run for a certain time. And running freely just enables you to run for as long as you want, as far as you want. The app also has a cool feature called “PowerSong,” where if you’re nearing the end of a run, a song will play. Something like Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” or Roy Jones Jr.’s “Cant be Touched” will start blaring, and you’ll run hard like an Olympic Athlete. If that doesn’t get you motivated, you’re a certified fatass.

What’s super cool are the stats that are shown after you run. The GPS accurately tracks your route, and for some reason it’s interesting to see where you ran. It’s also pretty interesting to see the route color coded based on your pace during your workout. You can also upload your stats up to this Nike website which I’m too damn lazy to check. It doesn’t really matter though, nobody really does that.

What will REALLY get you motivated is this Nike Tag game thingy in the app. Basically, you team play against friends to have the app, and the person who has the least miles or the least time running is “it,” and has to try not to be it. The only downside to this is sometimes there’s that chubby guy who wants to run with you guys, and he ends up being “it” the whole time. What happened with me was I basically had to run 10 feet a week to stay in the lead. Just kiddin, but you get what I’m talking about.

ANYWAYS, Nike + GPS is one of the best fitness apps for iPhone. It will actually get you moving, and is more fun than going to a gym or just running by yourself. It will make you healthy, and you can race against friends. Just run hard so you don’t get last.

Written by John Siano

John Siano is a writer on all things technology. Send him an email.

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