The cost of solar to average American homeowners varies widely from state to state

Solar Gold

It doesn’t take a political pundit to know that the Solyndra scandal has hurt the energy industry’s credibility. Investors are wary, but the same may not be true for direct consumers.

One Block of the Grid compiled data from 45,000 solar estimates and put together a visualization that depicts from state to state how much it costs to “go solar” for homeowners. The interest is likely spurred by increased utility prices more than just a desire to be eco-friendly; do-it-yourself energy at the home tends to pay for itself in less than 2 decades. In Louisiana, for example, the cost after state, regional, and local solar incentives brings the average overall cost to $3,552, meaning it takes approximately 7 years for a homeowner to get their money back from the investment.

Here’s their visualization. Click to enlarge.

Cost of Solar
Written by JD Rucker

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  • Anonymous

    It figures he biggest idiot on the internet JD Rucker would use a Solar panel installer as a SOURCE! Because he clearly got PAID by this company to “write” this article.

    I was wondering why the data was so ridiculously inaccurate, and ALWAYS in favor of more savings/less cost.

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