In 1925, the view of 25 years into their future was epic


If looking ahead 25 years were easy, we’d have flying cars and hoverboards. Unfortunately, it’s pretty challenging to predict the weather sometimes, let alone the future in a scale of a quarter century. That didn’t stop Popular Science Monthly from taking a stab at it in 1925 with their vision of a metropolis setting in 1950.

Many of the ideas in the drawing are strong, including a clever multi-level transportation concept that separated slow and fast cars from pedestrians, trains, and each other. Self-sufficient buildings would keep people centralized with their day-to-day activities, and since every vision of the future has flight as a central piece of personal transportation, every building would have a landing field as a roof.

Thanks to Payne Chevrolet for the find.

Written by Lorie Wimble

Lorie is the "Liberal Voice" of Conservative Haven, a political blog, and has 2 astounding children. Find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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  • Richard Duinmayer

    We wish it was like that still… 🙂 Except the aircraft thingie that should be dumped in a cornfield and then be connected by Maglev. 

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