Psychologically speaking, gaming may be good for you

Angry Gamer

We’ve all heard the horror stories about how hardcore gaming makes us anti-social and possibly even homicidal. There are politicians, activists, and shrinks around the world who say gaming is the way to the dark side, that it’s a path to evil, that Anakin Skywalker became a sith because he was a closet gamer, and that every mass murderer in the last 20 years can be attributed to being a gamer. What if the exact opposite is actually true?

That’s the thought behind this infographic by Psychology Degree. In it, they discuss the social benefits of gaming, giving hope to millions of mothers who think their sons or daughters will never be socially acceptable as long as they’re still stuck in that “Warcrafters’ World” or whatever it is that they do all day.

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Game Changers

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Written by Connor Livingston

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  • Let your kids play in moderation if you want to see the positive outcomes above without the negatives listed here.  – Yes you right.

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