To train internally or outsource: the business social media dilemma

Training on Social Media

Most businesses are getting involved in social media in some way. Whether for marketing, customer outreach, collaboration, or any of the many ways that businesses can utilize social media, the need to have a proper strategy and plan is growing. The biggest question many ask is whether to train their current employees, hire new ones, or outsource.

It’s the expert versus the advocate question. Hiring an outside firm to handle a company’s social media is an option that allows for proven, repeatable strategies and experience to run the campaigns. It means that internal people have less control and therefore the danger of losing an employee who is deeply embedded in the strategy is alleviated. To many, the benefits of outsourcing ends there.

Internal employees are more naturally inclined to understand the business and apply it to social media. The missteps that can occur from a lack of experience can be challenging but are often easy to overcome. Sometimes, however, they can be disastrous.

In the end it comes down to a question of training. Is it easier to teach a social media firm the ins and outs of your business and industry, or is it easier to train an internal team on the ways of social media? For those who select the latter, here’s an infographic that can help.

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Training Employees on Social Media
From: Atlanta Ford Dealers Via: Mindstorm

Written by Rocco Penn

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