When will iBooks become the norm in schools?


There has been a push to replace books in the educational arena for some time now. This push hasn’t been in Washington or school board meeting rooms even though they are happening there as well. The big push is happening in the minds of students who are growing increasingly tablet-savvy and almost “spoiled” to the point that paper-products are old, almost archaic.

Today’s children can work an iPad more adeptly than they can ride bikes. There’s a social question that rises with over-teching our children, but that’s not really a part of this discussion (yet). For now, the way that educational materials can be delivered, updated, and interacted with make the iBook-adoption argument more of a question of when than if.

This graphic explores the concept and gives us data to fuel the debate (at least from side of the aisle).

Consumer Confidence 2012
From: WorldWideLearn.com Via: Used Cars Bremerton

Written by Scarlett Madison

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  • Anonymous

    I love the idea of electronic text books but I hate the idea that only one company would control the hardware and software to receive the books.  The publishers need to get current and get their stuff out there before Apple becomes the only game in town. 

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